Vladimir Putin,
The President
of the Russian Federation
Dear friends!

Russia today is an encounter with an undiscovered land.

Visitors have a fresh opportunity to explore and travel a vast array of exciting and ancient cultures, from the grand imperial Russia of St. Petersburg to the timeless small town life of Siberia. One of the most notable features of present day in Russia is a renewed celebration of the wealth of its past and its potential for the future. Throwing off the blanket of communist uniformity, Russia today is a nation of enormous diversity and tremendous vitality, and an open gate for all, this change made it easier in getting travel visas to visit our country. A new Russia is now in full bloom.


How to Read a Russian Visa

A Russian visa is a document attached to your passport, that grants you a permit to enter and to leave the Russian Federation during a period of time specified in the visa.

Every foreign citizen needs a Russian visa to enter / leave Russia, except nationals of some CIS countries (former USSR without Baltic States).


Additional visa-related information:

  • Always keep your passport with your visa with you while traveling in Russia.
  •  Make two sets of copies of your passport, visa and other travel documents and keep them safe and separately – one in your luggage and another in your office or with your family or friends.
  •  When applying for visa to stay in Russia for over 90 days make sure to obtain an HIV test certificate which would be required with your process of visa paper work.
  • When traveling with your pet, you’re required to obtain an international health certificate from a local certified veterinary doctor.
  • It is advisable to have medical insurance coverage valid in Russia. Check your medical insurance provider and request such coverage if you do not have it. On the basis of reciprocity, citizens of Estonia, Israel, Finland, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal and Spain are required to have mandatory medical insurance.
  • Medical drugs can be brought to Russia in quantities sufficient for personal consumption during your stay.
  • Military-type firearms, narcotic drugs, explosives, radioactive, poisonous and other dangerous substances are prohibited to import to Russia.
  • Travelers carrying sport-guns or shotguns in their luggage must receive special permits through their Russian agents to take them in and out of the country.
  • Foreign travelers can bring to Russia their photo and video cameras, binoculars, laptop computers, etc. tax free if these are to be taken out of the country upon departure. Just mention them in your customs declaration or ask a customs officer.
  • Travelers over 16 years of age can take to Russia tobacco products (1000 cigarettes or equivalent), wines & liquors (2 liters) tax free.
  • There is no limitation on the amount of foreign currency to be brought into Russia. Just mention in your customs declaration all your currency over $500 and other valuables, including objects of art, which you take into the country. Keep declaration to present it to a customs officer upon departure.
  • If you are traveling on a double or multiple entry visas, prepare a copy of your visa before departure from Russia – a photo copy of your visa will be asked of you by the passport control officer.
  • Your Russian visa must be registered in the first 3 calendar days after your arrival to Russia. If staying at a hotel, your hotel staff will assist you in registering your visa, if staying with friends or relatives – our Russian offices will be happy to assist with that. Please check with us for details or read our welcome letter.
  • Prior to your departure, please check your passport, visa and other documents again. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call us. When calling, have last name of the travelers and their dated of birth ready.
  • The Consulate of Russian Federation and our agency cannot be held responsible for any errors in visas not brought to our attention before your departure for Russia.