Vladimir Putin,
The President
of the Russian Federation
Dear friends!

Russia today is an encounter with an undiscovered land.

Visitors have a fresh opportunity to explore and travel a vast array of exciting and ancient cultures, from the grand imperial Russia of St. Petersburg to the timeless small town life of Siberia. One of the most notable features of present day in Russia is a renewed celebration of the wealth of its past and its potential for the future. Throwing off the blanket of communist uniformity, Russia today is a nation of enormous diversity and tremendous vitality, and an open gate for all, this change made it easier in getting travel visas to visit our country. A new Russia is now in full bloom.


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Russia is a dynamic modern country with a very impressive past. Many people come to Russia every day to learn more about this mysterious land. Russia has a lot of things to offer for tourists: amazing historic locations like the Red Square and Kremlin; famous theatres like The Bolshoi; clubs and restaurants featuring world famous cuisines and also traditional Russian dishes; shopping malls known all over the world and selling luxurious products from the best manufacturers.

Traveling opportunities in Russia are endless – you can go on a river tour of ancient cities or travel in big cities looking at all the main sights and attractions. Make sure you know what to prepare for your visa and start getting your documents together well in advance before the trip. You may be asked for additional documents so it makes sense to begin early. It is important to learn about Russia as one of the most powerful countries today.